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  • Where is Lutoya crafted ?

    All Lutoya products are shaped in Romania, by potters with tradition, with locally sourced clay.

  • Where can I find your products ?

    If you want to buy online, you can get them here www.lutoya.ro/shop, and if you prefer to buy them in store, you can find us in all these locations:


    • Ototo – Amzei/Calea Victoriei/Charles de Gaulle

    • Cărturești – Carousel / Universității / Verona

    • Plantropic store

    • Floraria Venus

    • Boutique Emotion din Corbeanca

    • Gioia Flowers Balotesti

    • My Romanian Store (Ateneu)

    • Seneca Anticafe


    • Flower Time Garden Center

    • Leroy Merlin Turzii


    • Leroy Merlin


    • Leroy Merlin


    • Leroy Merlin


    • Cărturești


    • Cărturești


    • Eco Băcănia Happy

  • Can I buy Lutoya if I do not live in Romania ?

    Yes, we deliver with DPD and Romanian Post. You can buy directly from our website or from www.etsy.com.

  • Are they special conditions if I want to buy Lutoya as a reseller partner ?

    For B2B sales, please write to hi@lutoya.ro.

  • How should I choose my Lutoya ?

    If you have indoor plants, you need Lutoya for pots. For the small ones (30-40 cm diameter), you can choose a small model (35 cl), and for larger pots, you can choose the medium model (70 cl). If you have a terrace or balcony with flowers or large pots, Lutoya to bury in the ground is also a suitable choice.

    If you have a garden, a large yard or very large pots, you will need Lutoya for garden. You can choose the small model (2l) or the large one (5l).

  • When should I get Lutoya ?

    There are several times of the year when the soil highly needs Lutoya :) Sunny days, when plants need more water. During holidays, when Lutoya will water your plants while you are away.

    Lutoya is perfect when you have plants that need recurring watering – such as vegetables or plants that like humidity.

    We highly recommend Lutoya for the garden to reduce water consumption and water your plants in a sustainable manner. During the summer, it will help maintain proper soil moisture for flowers and vegetables.

  • Should I let Lutoya in the soil during winter ?

    We do not recommend to let Lutoya in the ground during winter. Because of the low temperatures in winter,you might find your Lutoya damaged in the spring. Before the first frosty nights, we suggest you dig up the outdoor Lutoya, clean it with water or white vinegar diluted in water, then let it dry and keep it safely in place until spring.

  • Which type of maintenance does Lutoya need ?

    Lutoya does not need any specific maintenance. However, if your tap water is rich in limescale, we recommend cleaning the oya with water and vinegar once a year.

  • How often should I fill up Lutoya ?

    The water requirements vary depending on the type of plant and its stage of development, soil structure, climate, etc.

    Our recommendations:

    Lutoya for houseplants, in pots:

    Once a week for plants that need to be watered once a week

    Twice a week for plants that need to be watered 4-5 times a week or sit in the sun during the summer

    Lutoya for the garden:

    2 liters – once every 5 days

    5 liters – once every 10 days

  • Why is Lutoya useful for my plants ?

    Plants are living organisms just like us. What would it be like for us to drink water once a week?

    Let's just say not so well. The same is for the roots of the plants. They need water constantly, not all at once. Irrigation is healthier for plants than flooding the roots and then leaving them in hard, dry soil. Also, most of the water is wasted in the pot plate and the plant does not benefit from it.

  • Can I put liquid fertilizer inside my Lutoya ?

    We do not recommend it. Fertilizer may decrease Lutoya's porosity and reduce its efficiency.

  • What should I do if I receive a broken pot at delivery ?

    We pack the products so that this does not happen! But shipping companies are not always gentle with the packages, and it can happen that a product arrives damaged. In this case, we will replace it shortly, within the limit of the available stock or we'll refund you. If we no longer have the product in stock, we can also suggest a replacement.

    If this happens, please send us one or more pictures of the product to hi@lutoya.ro.

  • For which plants should I use Lutoya ?

    Lutoya for the garden is recommended for multi-rooted plants/vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Single root vegetables such as carrots or radishes are less likely to draw water from Lutoya.

    Lutoya for apartment is indicated for all types of plants, except succulents, cactus and bonsai.

  • Is Lutoya a drip device ?

    No, Lutoya does not work through a drip system. The magic is here: water seeps THROUGH the porous walls. That allows a slow and efficient irrigation without water stress for the plants.

  • Why is each Lutoya different ?

    Lutoya is made exclusively by artisan craftsmen. Each piece is unique and handcrafted. Consequently, you may find small differences in color and shape, but these aspects do not change the functionality of the product in any way.


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