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How does Lutoya work ?

How does it work ?

The clay, crafted and glazed, becomes a beautiful artisanal object which will make the plants very happy.

It can be planted into a plant pot or buried into a vegetable garden. There is no hole at the bottom of Lutoya. The clay walls are porous and the water is going through the terracotta to irrigate the roots of the plants, little by little.

If you think about it, the rain drips on the plants slowly and tenderly, it doesn't pour a bottle of water on their roots ! Lutoya imitates nature and cares for your plants with micro-droplets of water.

If the water in the pot plate is usually wasted, nothing is lost with Lutoya! You can save up to 70% water !

And the magic happens ...

You might think that all the water in the Lutoya is keeping the soil wet and causing the roots to rot. Tsss…let us tell you how it really works

Lutoya drips water only when the soil in the pot is dry. When the soil is wet, there is no tension and water is not drawn through the Lutoya wall. This is called capillarity. The roots take the water they need, the rest drains away and the soil dries up again. And it starts again and again …

This magic is not that magic ;) It was discovered by our ancestors, the first potters and gardeners and this traditional irrigation method is being reintroduced in Europe.

How to use Lutoya in your garden ?

Plant Lutoya in a perimeter of 50 cm            
Fill Lutoya every 7 to 12 days (depending on the capacity)
Make sure to cover Lutoya with a top to prevent water evaporation

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